Considering Adopting More Features? 

ZOOM has you covered. We have a program for existing customers that allows you to unlock ZOOM's industry leading portfolio at a significantly reduced up front cost that applies to on premise or cloud customers.


  • Subscription Model for on Premise or Cloud
  • Access to the entire ZOOM product portfolio*
  • Suite discount for current ZOOM customers upgrading to subscription
  • Quarterly payment terms available
  • No upgrade fees for upgrades to major software versions
  • Cost predictability – 3 year locked in support costs 
The ZOOM product suite truly helps you elevate every encounter.  Today's contact centers are more complex and expensive to run than ever before. 

With the ZOOM Suite You will:

  • Understand how your customers feel monitor_ZOOM_UI_02a
  • Automatically link the voice of the customer to the interaction 
  • Correlate quality performance against actual customer feedback
  • Combine search and performance measures to gain a 360-degree view
  • Easily search, retrieve, and identify actionable insight to effectively evaluate people, processes and systems 
  • Ensure the right people are in the right seats at the right time
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*OEM Packages Not Included


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