Elevēo Partner Spotlight: ConvergeOne

ConvergeOne is a leading global IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions for large and medium enterprises. The company has built its reputation in the contact center space over decades, helping organizations enhance their contact center productivity and customer experience. ConvergeOne and Elevēo have partnered for 10 years. We spoke with ConvergeOne National Account Manager, Hal Overman, to get his take on emerging issues in the contact center industry and about his company’s partnership with Elevēo.

Hal Overman, ConvergeOne National Account Manager, focuses on contact center solutions for enterprise-size organizations operating in a Cisco environment. The consultative nature of his job requires him to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry.


We asked him about the trends he sees shaping the industry over the next 1-2 years, and he identified a few primary change drivers:


  • ongoing emphasis on compliance
  • focus on the agent experience
  • recognition of the contact center’s value as a business-enablement tool, as opposed to it being considered an ancillary IT function


Trends defined, it falls to Hal and ConvergeOne’s Cloud, Collaboration, and Contact Center practices, along with its Professional Services teams, to help customers keep pace.


At their disposal are products, services, and solutions from the 300+ providers in ConvergeOne’s technology partner ecosystem. The right combination of products, services, and solutions will allow customers to adapt to the cloud; ensure compliance with multiple geographically diverse and ever-more stringent regulatory environments; attract and retain qualified agents and realize their contact center’s potential for brand/revenue enhancement.


“We’re not locked into any one particular solution provider or hardware manufacturer. When it comes to customer solutions, we’re vendor agnostic,” Hal says. “We offer just about every IT solution or service under the sun because we’re invested in finding the best fit from our portfolio of partner products. I’m an engineer and used to be the guy working in the data center, configuring switches and routers – so I want to sell solutions I believe in, solutions I’d buy myself if I was in the customer’s shoes.”


Delivering customer success is Job-1, naturally, and by implication, that means gravitating to solutions that make ConvergeOne and Hal successful. “My customers are running some version of Cisco UC, and that's where Elevēo fits quite well. In a world of very complex technologies and customers, it's refreshing to have something that I can almost set it and forget it. In my experience Elevēo just works - installations and upgrades go without a hitch. With Elevēo. I know it's going to work, and the customer is going to like it.”